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Tire Inflation Equipment

Tire Inflation Equipment

Make sure your tires are filled to the proper pressure to improve gas mileage and vehicle handling and extend the life of your tires. These tools include gauges for checking tire pressure, inflators for filling tires, and needles and liquid sprays for plugging leaks.

Corded Tire Inflators

Plug these corded inflators into a power source for continuous power in longer tasks. They have a hose with a chuck that connects to the tire valve to inflate tires. Some inflators have a built-in gauge that displays the tire pressure to help ensure accurate filling, and some come with adaptors for filling air mattresses, sporting equipment, and rafts.

Air-Powered Tire Inflator Gauges

Check your tire pressure and fill or deflate tires quickly with air-powered (pneumatic) tire inflator gauges. A dial or indicator on the gauge lets you check the tire pressure to verify proper inflation. These gauges connect to a source of compressed air to operate, and they inflate the tire more quickly than with manual, corded, or battery-powered inflators.

Inflator Gauge

Tire Inflator

Nitrogen-Powered Tire Inflator Gauges & Chucks

Connect these tire inflators and gauges to a nitrogen generator to fill your tires with nitrogen gas. Tires that are filled with nitrogen typically maintain a more consistent tire pressure than tires filled with air.

Manual Tire Inflators

When you don't have access to a power source or a source of compressed air, pump air into your tires with these manual tire inflators. Compact enough to be carried with you, they have a hand- or foot-operated pump, a hose, and a chuck with an inflation needle that is inserted into the tire valve for filling. Some models have a built-in gauge to monitor tire pressure while pumping, and some can be used to inflate mattresses, sporting equipment, and bike tires.

Chucks & Hoses for Inflating Tires

Also referred to as ball chucks or tire chucks, these devices are pressed onto a tire valve to inflate tires. Some styles can be clipped onto the valve to hold the chuck in place during filling. Depending on the chuck, they are connected with a hose to an air compressor or nitrogen generator. Choose between straight chucks for everyday applications and angled chucks for better access to valves in confined spaces.

Air Chuck

Ball Foot Air Chuck

Clip-On Ball Foot Air Chuck

Inflator Hose