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Torque Drivers & Sets

Torque Drivers & Sets

Tighten a screw to a specific tension with a torque driver. These tools apply force to a fastener until a preset limit is reached. When the desired torque is achieved, the tool disengages to prevent over-torquing. Some tools allow the user to adjust the torque limit to suit the application, some have a display that show torque measurements, and some have exchangeable tips for driving a range of fasteners.

Preset Torque

These torque screwdrivers are factory set to tighten screws to one preset torque value.



Adjustable Torque

Twist a dial on the handle of these adjustable-torque screwdrivers to change the desired torque limit to suit different applications.



Containing a torque screwdriver handle with an array of bits in different sizes and tip styles, these sets can drive screws with a precise amount of force in a range of applications.