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Apply, spread, level, and shape substances like cement, mortar, grout, or plaster with these trowels. These tools are designed to evenly and precisely apply a mixture to a surface.

For Concrete

These trowels smooth the surface of a wet concrete slab after it has been floated to ensure a hard, dense, even surface. They have a handle for holding the tool.

For Close-Reach Spreading

For Minimizing Surface Lines

For Bricks & Blocks

Use one of these trowels to apply, smooth, and level mortar when setting bricks and cement blocks or to apply fresh mortar in joints where the old mortar is crumbling.

For Block Work

For Brick Work

For Tuckpointing

For Tile & Stone

Apply adhesive or mastic on a surface before laying tile and stone with these trowels.

Notched For Spreading Adhesive

For Drywall & Shaping Corners

Form interior or exterior corners on wet concrete surfaces and smoothly and evenly apply mud, tape, and wall compound to drywall with these trowels. Drywall trowels are suitable for tasks such as applying a first coat of compound, taping seams, and finishing butt joints. Corner trowels make internal or external corners when creating steps, curbs, or similar features in wet concrete. The tools have a right-angle blade with a handle mounted on the bend for applying even pressure on both sides of the corner.

For Floor Coves

For Inside Corners

For Outside Corners

For Plaster & Wall Coatings

Scoop, spread, and smooth plaster and plaster-like coatings on walls with these plaster trowels. Choose a longer trowel to more efficiently cover large areas, and choose a smaller trowel for more control and a more uniform finish.

For Wood Flooring

These tools have a flat face with notched edges for spreading adhesive or thinset on wood planks, ceramic tiles, and other flooring materials before they're laid down. The notched edges create a rippled pattern in the setting material to ensure uniform thickness and to allow complete coverage when the flooring material is tamped into place.

Notched For Spreading Adhesive