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Wire Strippers & Crimpers

Wire Strippers & Crimpers

Remove the insulating cover from wires and cables without cutting or damaging them with these wire strippers. A wire or cable is placed between the tool's cutting jaws, and the handle is lightly squeezed as the wire is rotated to cut the insulation, which can then be pulled off easily. Some wire or cable strippers have a series of notches on the cutting blades that are sized to score the insulation on different sizes of wires or cables without requiring the wire or cable to be rotated in the jaws.

Wire Strippers

Strip the insulating cover from wires without damaging the wire itself with these handy wire strippers.




Crimp connectors and strip wires with these multipurpose tools. Commonly used in the electronics industry, the wire stripper in the center of the tool quickly removes the insulating cover from wires, and the flat jaws are good for gripping and crimping connections.

Coaxial Cable Strippers

Remove the insulation from coax cables with these coax cable strippers.