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Wrecking & Demolition Pry Bars

Wrecking & Demolition Pry Bars

Use these demolition and wrecking pry bars for heavy duty jobs such as pulling up boards, tearing down framing, scraping up concrete and adhesives, and removing nails and fasteners.

Nail Puller for Ripping

Sometimes called ripping bars, use these pry bars for scraping adhesives and concrete or ripping up nails, boards, studs, and framing materials in construction and demolition tasks.




Rolled Nail Puller for High Leverage

Use these high-leverage bars to reduce fatigue when prying heavy materials. With a full rocker head and a long handle, these pry bars allow you to use less force for levering objects than pry bars with shorter handles. The rocker head also lets you maneuver in tight spaces and may have slots for pulling nails.


Claw End for Decks & Pallets

With two prying bars on one end and a long handle, these pry bars give you the maximum amount of leverage when tearing down decks and pallets. The dual prying claw can fit over single and double joists, and the long handle allows the tool to be used in an upright position for reduced fatigue in demanding tasks. The slotted claws can be used to remove fasteners as you go, making your demolition work more efficient.