Bathroom Partition Hardware & Accessories

Bathroom Partition Hardware & Accessories

Put together bathroom stalls with this hardware to give your guests some privacy when using the restroom.


Secure bathroom partitions to a wall with these brackets to keep them in place.

Angle Bracket

Ear Bracket

Headrail Return

In-Line Alcove Bracket

Pilaster Bracket


Wall Bracket

Coat Hooks & Bumpers

Mount these hooks inside stall doors to provide a convenient place for users to hang their belongings. The hooks have a bumper tip that absorbs the impact when the door hits the stall partition.

Latches, Knobs, & Handles

Install knobs and handles on stall doors so that users can open and close them easily, and add latches to keep stall doors closed when in use.

Concealed Latch Knob

Door Pull

Slide Latch


Prevent stall doors from swinging out in the wrong direction with stops and keepers.



Inswing or Outswing

Shelves & Niches

Install shelves and niches inside bathroom stalls to provide space for users to set down their belongings.


Also known as pilaster shoes, these items cover the bottoms of bathroom partitions to protect them from shoe scuffs, mop water, and everyday wear and tear.


Mount headrails along the top of bathroom partitions to secure them to pilasters.

Hardware Sets & Kits

Get the parts you need to mount and lock bathroom partitions in one convenient set or kit.