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Cam Locks for Cabinets & Drawers

Cam Locks for Cabinets & Drawers

Install cam locks on cabinet doors and drawers to keep their contents private and secure. The locks have a tab that spins inside the drawer or door to prevent it from being opened.

Key Locking

Keep drawers and cabinets secure with these cam locks, which require a key to lock and unlock.

Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy

Stainless Steel


Add your own lock core to these cams. They are ideal for keyed-alike installations or for facilities that frequently change locks.

Black Painted Brass/Steel/Zinc

Satin Chrome Plated Brass/Steel/Zinc

Combination Locking

Enter a combination to unlock these cams. They keep drawers and cabinets shut and locked without the hassle of lost or duplicated keys.

Black Zinc Alloy

Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy


Install a padlock through the tabs on these cams to lock them when they're closed.

Black Zinc Alloy

Brass Plated Zinc Alloy

Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy