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Door Stops

Door Stops

Also known as bumpers, door stops prevent doors from swinging into walls and damaging them.


Mount these rigid projections with padded tips to either the wall or the door.

Wall Mount

Floor Mount


These spring stops have a padded tip and flex to prevent damage to themselves and anything they collide with. They mount to either the wall or the door.


For moderate protection and a streamlined look, mount these dome bumpers to the floor to stop a door's swing or prevent it from hitting and damaging the wall. Their metal housing prevents damage to the bumper.


Mount these durable bumpers to the floor behind doors to prevent the doors from hitting and damaging the wall. They can withstand heavy, rough use.

Wall Bumpers

Let the doorknob hit one of these durable bumpers instead of the wall. They offer heavy duty protection and mount to the wall behind the door.



Angle Rollers

Prevent offset doors from swinging into each other with these curved stops. They allow doors to roll against each other instead of hitting.

Hinge Mount

These stops mount to any door hinge and can be adjusted to stop the door before it hits the wall. Ideal for applications where you don’t want to mount anything on the wall, floor, or door surface.

Header Mount

Stop doors from swinging back through the doorway with these stops, which mount to the frame above the door.