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Garage Door Hardware

Garage Door Hardware

Find the hardware you need to install your garage door.


Use these universal design steel garage door hinges to repair, build or replace parts on overhead sectional garage doors. Designed to resist rust, they feature a 90° range of motion.

Galvanized Zinc

Stainless Steel


Keep overhead garage doors opening and closing smoothly with these garage door rollers, which fit into the tracks framing your garage door. Choose steel wheels for long-lasting construction; choose nylon wheels for quieter motion.

Plain Steel Stem, Steel Wheel

Zinc Plated Steel Stem, Nylon Wheel


Mount these steel brackets, sold in pairs, on your residential or commerical overhead garage door track to ensure proper motion. Choose top or bottom brackets; mounting hardware included.

Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel


Secure the contents of your garage with these manual steel exterior or interior garage door locks and lift handles.

Chrome Steel

Galvanized Steel

Powder Coated Steel

Exhaust Ports

Ensure harmful exhaust stays outside the garage while you're working. These latching aluminum exhaust ports can be mounted to commercial or residential garage doors to provide an opening for a hose leading from a vehicle's exhaust pipe to the outdoors.

Drums & Pulleys

Maintain your overhead garage door's balance as it opens and closes, and ensure your cables run smoothly as they lift with these aluminum garage door drums and steel pulleys.


Cast Aluminum

Powder Coated Cast Aluminum


Zinc Plated Steel


Thread these galavanized or stainless steel lift cables with oval sleeves onto drums or through pulleys on overhead garage doors to pull doors open and shut.

Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel


Help your overhead garage door open and close smoothly. These standard steel football or freeway bearings can be used in many garage door applications, including torsion spring support and end bracket placement.


Make sure your garage door is in balance. These steel counterbalances are key stock, for use with garage door drums, spring winding cones, couplers, and torsion shafts.


Choose the right fasteners for repair or installation work on your garage door, where heavy use means a need for these steel hinge screws and track bolts.

Hinge Screw

Track Bolt