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Hanging & Sliding Door Hardware & Kits

Hanging & Sliding Door Hardware & Kits

Choose from a range of kits and hardware for installing hanging or sliding doors so they slide or fold open smoothly.

Door Guides & Bumpers

Keep doors sliding smoothly with these floor-mounted guides and bumpers.

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For Folding Doors

Hangers & Brackets

Suspend doors with these hangers and brackets so they can fold, slide, or roll open and closed.

For Sliding Doors

For Folding Doors

Tracks, Rails, & Channels

These tracks, rails, and channels support and guide hangers and rollers as you fold, slide, or roll doors open and closed.

Locking Components

Prevent unwanted entry through sliding doors with these specially designed locks.

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For Sliding Doorss

Hardware Kits

Kits contain the hardware you'll need for installing hanging and sliding doors.

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Mount hanging or sliding door components with these fasteners.