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Keep out debris and improve the appearance of thin materials by filling unused holes with these plugs.

Zinc-Plated Steel Hole Plug

Also known as plug buttons, these steel plugs can be used to fill holes in thin metal such as sheet metal and ductwork.

Nylon Hole Plug

Close up holes in surfaces such as production equipment and wiring outlets with these nonconductive nylon plugs.



Nylon Knockout Plug

Use these nonconductive nylon plugs to cover knockout holes in electrical enclosures when they are no longer needed.

Rubber Seal Plug

Seal the open ends of standard-size copper tubing and fittings commonly used in HVAC and medical equipment using these rubber plugs. They have a tapered end that eases insertion.

Rubber Seal Plug with Tab

Grasp the tab on these rubber plugs to install and remove them quickly. They have a hole in the tab that turns them into a plunger for gas applications, and their tapered end eases insertion. They are designed to seal the ends of standard-size copper tubing and fittings in HVAC and medical equipment.