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Vibration Control Mounts

Vibration Control Mounts

Install these heavy duty vibration control mounts between your machine and the floor to keep the machine in place and dampen noise and vibration that can damage structures supporting the machine or affect the performance of nearby equipment. Generally, the higher the deflection rating a mount has, the more vibration it can accommodate.

Isolator Mounts

These tall, thick isolator mounts can accommodate more vibration and shock than a vibration pad. They have a non-skid bottom and don't require bolting, but they can be fastened to the floor for added stability.

Neoprene Base, Steel Housing

Spring Mounts

Bolt these spring isolators directly to a beam to provide vibration control near sensitive structures and where there may be floor deflection. They have rubber guides that help stabilize the machine and non-skid pads that help keep the machine in place even if the isolator is not bolted to the floor.

Aluminum Base, Aluminum Housing

Steel Base, Ferrous Housing

Mounts for Earthquake Zones

Designed for use in earthquake-prone areas, these floor-mount isolators accommodate vibration and shock from all directions and reduce high-frequency noise.

Neoprene Base, Steel Housing

Two-Piece Center Bonded Mounts

Use these two-piece isolators to keep equipment and surfaces isolated from vibration and shock in all directions, including rebound.

Neoprene Base, Steel Housing