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Vibration Control Pads & Mats

Vibration Control Pads & Mats

Quickly install these pads between a machine and the floor or other supporting surface to dampen vibration and reduce noise. The pads can be removed or repositioned, and their non-slip surface helps keep the machine from skidding.

General Purpose Sheet

These flat, sheet-style pads have a low profile and can be cut to size for a variety of vibration control applications.

Black Neoprene — Flat Surface

Black Neoprene — Diamond Surface

Green Neoprene — Flat Surface

Green Neoprene — Diamond Surface

Green Nitrile — Diamond Surface

Heavy Duty Waffle

Featuring a higher maximum load rating than sheet-style pads, the waffle pattern on these pads provides suction and grip and seals out liquids that spill near the machine.

Black Neoprene

Black Nitrile

Rubber & Cork for High Vibration

The waffle texture seals out liquids and provides suction and grip while the cork center handles higher vibration frequencies compared to rubber and steel pads. The oil-resistant rubber surfaces help keep the pad in place.

Rubber & Steel Plate for Concentrated Loads

If you have a heavy machine with all its weight concentrated in small areas, such as on corners or legs, place it on top of these steel and rubber plates to distribute the weight evenly across the surface of the pad and dampen noise and vibration.

Rubber & Steel Plate with Mounting Hole

Install these steel and rubber plates onto the threaded feet of a machine to dampen vibrations from the machine. They distribute the weight of the machine, which is concentrated on the legs, evenly across the pads.