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Belt Drive Exhaust Fans

Belt Drive Exhaust Fans

Get quieter operation and more control over fan blade speeds by choosing belt driven fans instead of direct drive fans. The fan blade speed can be adjusted to move large volumes of air as needed. Belt drive fans produce more friction among moving parts than direct drive fans, so they may be less efficient and require more maintenance.

Low Profile

These fans have a low-profile frame that requires minimal mounting space and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. They require a compatible drive package with a motor, belt, bushings, and sheaves for operation.

Fans with Steel Frames

Standard Duty

Medium Duty

Heavy Duty

Cabinet Style

Install these cabinet-style units in framed wall openings. They are fully assembled and have a motor that's ready to be wired in so there's no need to add a drive package.

Fans with Steel Frames

115/208/230V AC (Single Phase, Wire Leads)

208/230/460V AC (Three Phase, Wire Leads)