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Collars, Housings, & Hoods for Exhaust Fans

Collars, Housings, & Hoods for Exhaust Fans

Get proper mounting and protection for through-the-wall installation of your exhaust fan with these collars, housings, and hoods.

Wall Collars

Place these collars into wall openings to prepare them to accept exhaust fans. They have an internal flange for mounting shutters and an external flange that serves as flashing to collect and drain away water from the wall opening.

16 ga Steel

18 ga Steel

20 ga Steel

Wall Housings

These wall housings fit into wall openings to provide an enclosure that protects your fan from damage. They have a screened back that shields the motor and fan blades from large objects and debris while allowing ample airflow.

16 ga Steel

18 ga Steel

Weather Hoods

Deflect rain and snow and keep birds away from fans and wall openings with these weather hoods. They are angled to direct water away from the wall opening, have a screen to block out birds and other small animals, and are made from corrosion-resistant material to withstand the weather.