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Direct Drive Centrifugal Blowers With Drive Package

Direct Drive Centrifugal Blowers With Drive Package

Also known as squirrel cage blowers, centrifugal blowers are the most commonly used blower in HVAC systems. They have a direct drive system, which provides greater efficiency, less maintenance, and lower vibration than belt-driven blowers. Use these centrifugal blowers in a variety of HVAC applications, from small-scale kitchens, bathrooms, retail stores, and restaurants, to more heavy duty heating and cooling.

Plastic Body

Intended for intermittent applications such as ventilation on gas-powered boats, RVs, or as backup ventilation on portable equipment, these plastic blowers draw a low current and have a corrosion-resistant housing.

Tangential Discharge

Use these efficient, brushless blowers for long life, quiet operation, and reduced possibility of contaminants compared to standard brushed-type blowers. They are commonly integrated in air samplers/evacuators, material handling and packaging systems, medical equipment, and computer accessories.

400 W Blowers

800 W Blowers

1,200 W Blowers


Use these heavy duty blowers to deliver air to ventilate office and electronic equipment, cabinets, corn and pellet stoves, and other heating and cooling applications. They can be mounted in any direction, used in continuous duty applications, and offer automatic heat protection.

Low Profile

Install these low-profile, continuous-duty blowers in small spaces, such as cabinets, electronic and office equipment, and pellet stoves, to provide ventilation. They can be mounted in any position, and have a double inlet to increase efficiency.

Utility Exhaust

Made of spark-resistant materials, these blowers are often used as a part of exhaust systems in commercial kitchens.

Hazardous Location

Exhaust corrosive fumes using these blowers with a seamless housing to help prevent fume leaks. Use these blowers in industrial facilities such as petrochemical, food processing, and wastewater treatment plants, and public buildings, like schools, hospitals, and marine environments.

High Pressure

High pressure blowers provide a strong airflow, making them ideal for use in exhaust systems with small ducts and anywhere dust bags are used.

Single Phase

Three Phase

For Hot Exhaust

Able to withstand high inlet temperatures, these blowers are designed to keep their motor cooler than other centrifugal fans. They have a corrosion resistant housing for use in a variety of environments.


Commonly used in electronic equipment, computers, and data cabinet cooling, these blowers are a good choice for small spaces where direct airflow isn't possible, because they exhaust sideways at a 90° angle.


Typically more efficient than AC-powered blowers, use these DC blowers in a variety of HVAC applications.

Forward Curve

Ventilate small spaces with ductwork, such as bathrooms, fume hoods, and restaurants, using these compact blowers. Units with slow speeds produce very little noise for quiet environments.

Double Inlet Forward Curve

These double inlet blowers bring in air from both sides of the blower, and are intended for use in air curtains, furnaces, and other light- to medium-duty HVAC applications.