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Electric Floor Heaters

Electric Floor Heaters

Circulate heat from the ground up by adding these electric floor heaters to a small, closed space. Commonly known as baseboard heaters, they allow you to control the temperature in a room without affecting other spaces. Using electric ambient-style (also known as convection) heating, these heaters allow for more control of the temperature in small spaces than gas-powered or hydronic systems, bring room temperatures up quickly, and are generally odorless. Convection heaters move air over a heating element and then mix the heated air with cooler air in the room, making them an excellent choice for heating a closed space for an extended time.


Install these baseboard heaters near walls to heat rooms from the floor upward.

White 20 Gauge Steel Housings

120V AC (Single Phase, Wire Leads)

208V AC (Single Phase, Wire Leads)

240V AC (Single Phase, Wire Leads)

Slope Top Baseboard

Sloped to discourage sitting or placing objects on top of them, these baseboard heaters reduce the possibility of items blocking the airflow that can affect performance and potentially create a fire hazard. The sloped top also helps prevent the heaters from getting stepped on, as well as maintaining a neat, clutter-free environment.

Gray Steel Housings

208/240V AC (Single Phase, Wire Leads)


These recessed, low-profile kickspace heaters, also known as toe-kick heaters, are ideal for installing under cabinets or in other tight spaces.

Black Steel Housings

120V AC (Single Phase, Wire Leads)

208/240V AC (Single Phase, Wire Leads)