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Evaporative Cooler Accessories

Evaporative Cooler Accessories

Find accessories, replacement parts, and other products for adapting and maintaining your evaporative cooler.

Bleed-Off Kits

Exchange the water in your evaporative cooler a little at a time to remove calcium and salts before they cause scaling and corrosion. These kits include tubing that attaches to the bleed off valve in your cooler to consistently drain off a small volume of water so that fresh water can replace it.

Float Valves

Control the water level in your evaporative cooler with these float valves to keep the water chamber properly filled while avoiding overflow. Also known as ballcock or ball tap valves, they open to let water in to supply the pump of the cooler and close to stop flow when water reaches a set level.

Water Tanks

Use these tanks to hold a water supply for your evaporative cooler. They are typically used with a jet or submersible pump to deliver water to the cooler when it can't be connected to a main water supply.

Switches & Pumps Shutoff Valves

Get replacement control switches and pump shutoff valves for your evaporative cooler.

Re-circulating Pumps

Replace broken recirculating pumps in your evaporative cooler to keep cooling pads saturated. These pumps take water that drips through the pad and pump it back onto the pad.


Change out worn casters or add casters to your evaporative cooler so you can roll it to where it's needed.

Protective Covers

Shield your evaporative cooler from dirt and protect its finish from damage with these covers. Use them when the cooler is stored for the off-season or on days when it's not in use.

Louver Kits

Equip your evaporative cooler with these louver kits to control the direction of airflow. The slats of the louver can be adjusted to focus air for spot cooling, move air in multiple directions, or redirect air around obstructions.

Evaporative Cooler Power Cords

Replace frayed or damaged power cords on evaporative coolers.

Evaporative Cooler Pads

These absorbent pads soak up water to provide a large surface area for evaporation so your evaporative cooler can produce the maximum volume of cooled air. Change pads as needed, such as at the beginning of each cooling season if they weren't removed for storage or when they're damaged or clogged with dirt or mineral deposits that restrict airflow.

Purge Pump Kits

Flush out the water in your evaporative cooler with these purge pumps to prevent the buildup of scale and mineral deposits. Also known as sump dumps, they automatically drain the cooler at set intervals to remove dirty water so that fresh water can flow in. They also drain at shutdown to avoid stale water upon the next use. Purge pumps typically require less water for maintaining the cooler compared to bleed-off valves.

Cleaners & Water Treatment Products

Keep your evaporative cooler clean so it operates effectively and produces clean air. These cleaners and water treatment products get rid of musty smells and reduce mineral buildup, which can decrease efficiency.