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Furnace Humidifiers

Furnace Humidifiers

Distribute humidified air through ductwork to cover large areas and make your workspaces feel comfortable at lower thermostat settings. These furnace humidifiers mount on the warm air supply or cold air return of your central heating system. The added humidity will make the air feel warmer than dry air, so you can turn down the thermostat to save on heating costs.

Humidifiers replace dry air with moist air to make breathing easier, decrease the spread of germs, reduce static shocks that can cause discomfort and damage electronics, and keep wood surfaces and furnishings from drying out.

Furnace Humidifiers

Avoid the discomfort and potential harm of overly dry air within an entire building without the need to refill and maintain multiple humidifier units. Simply attach one of these humidifiers to your furnace to add moisture through the system ductwork.

24V AC

120V AC

240V AC

Current Sensors

Prevent the cost and wear of running your humidifier constantly by installing one of these sensors. They signal the humidifier to turn on only when the furnace blower is running and the humidity is below a set target.