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Gravity Roof Ventilators

Gravity Roof Ventilators

Save energy in your facility using these non-powered gravity roof ventilators to exhaust and supply clean air. Without an internal motor like other exhaust and supply ventilators, these ventilators silently move air by using the pressure created by powered fans in an HVAC system. They can also be used in facilities with no HVAC system, moving air by using natural ventilation such as wind pressure and convection. Air flows through these ventilators in either direction whenever a pressure differential exists between the inside and outside of the building.

Low Profile

Use these low-profile ventilators in standard installations where you want a unit that's less noticeable than a hooded vent.


Keep the elements out while allowing air to flow freely. The hood on these ventilators forms a protective arch that deflects debris, resists weather, and withstands snow loads to shield ventilator components and provide a uniform look. It is hinged so you can inspect and maintain screens, filters, and dampers.