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Humidifier Accessories

Humidifier Accessories

Keep your humidifier running smoothly with accessories such as solenoid valves, drain kits, and filters.

Humidifier Filters

Trap airborne particles at the air inlet of your humidifier with these filters to help produce clean, fresh air and help prolong the life of the humidifier pad. They have an electrostatic layer that attracts and holds dust and allergens and a carbon layer that draws out smoke and odors.

Humidifier Pads

Also known as humidifier wicks or wicking filters, these pads add moisture and remove contaminants as dry inlet air passes through them. They absorb water evenly to provide a fully saturated surface for thorough humidification and filter out dirt and other particles to help produce clean, fresh air. Pads typically need to be changed at least twice per heating season or if they become damaged or clogged with dirt or mineral deposits that restrict airflow.

Antimicrobial Paper


Ceramic Coated Aluminum


Remote Mount Kits

Mount your humidifier at a distance from HVAC ducts with these remote mount kits. Often used in situations where mounting directly to the duct is impractical, these kits include hose for carrying steam from the humidifier to the supply duct, mounting hardware, and other parts for proper installation.

Humidifier Solenoid Valves

Replace faulty solenoid valves to avoid leaks and keep your humidifier operating efficiently. Solenoid valves automatically control fluid flow within the humidifier.