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HVAC Manifold Hose Connectors

HVAC Manifold Hose Connectors

Replace connectors on your manifold gauge hoses, or adapt your hoses to different connections. These connectors allow you to hook up your hose to gauges to check pressure, discharge or add refrigerant, or check the quality of your refrigerant.

0° Angle

Use these 0° angle connectors to connect hoses in a straight line.

30° Angle

Also known as low-loss ball valve adapter hoses, these manifold hose connectors have a ball valve that lets you quickly shut off refrigerant flow in the line. When the valve is open, flow is unrestricted. They have a 30° fitting and a flexible hose that eases installation in tight spaces.

45° Angle

Quickly connect hoses at a 45° angle with these manifold hose connectors.

90° Angle

Choose these manifold hose connectors to quickly connect hoses at a 90° angle.

0° & 90° Angle

These T-shaped manifold hose connectors provide a manifold hose connection, a tubing connection, and an access port and allow you to make connections at different angles.