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Metal Air Filters

Metal Air Filters

Wash these easy-to-clean, reusable metal filters to keep your ventilation system functioning cleanly and efficiently, without worrying about needing a replacement filter on hand. They are commonly used in areas where grease is present, such as in kitchen range hoods, or as a prefilter for fine mesh, disposable filters to help extend their life.

Cartridge Filter

Use these washable cartridge filters to trap fine particles in the air, such as dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen, and chemical particles. They are commonly installed in health care facilities, food processing areas, and around computer equipment.




Baffle-Style Filter

These filters balance airflow so it passes through the filter evenly. Often used in commercial kitchens, these filters push grease away from the cooking area and into a filter tray, helping to reduce the risk of flames spreading in the event of a fire.

MERV Less than 4

Mesh Filter

Use these washable filters as primary or prefilters in HVAC systems, in industrial applications that require a durable filter such as in air compressor or vacuum equipment, or to remove grease from the air. They collect grease and deposit it in a trap, and require more frequent cleaning than baffle filters.

MERV Less than 4

Range Hood Air Filter

Filter out grease and odor from your range hood exhaust with these washable products. They're designed for use with over-the-counter microwaves, as well as with both ductless and ducted exhaust hoods.