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Portable Infrared Heaters

Portable Infrared Heaters

Use these portable infrared heaters wherever you need additional heating in a small spaces. The highly-efficient electric radiant-style heating allows these heaters to get people and objects up to the desired temperature quickly. They warm directly rather than by heating ambient air, which means they are unaffected by wind or drafts, making these heaters great for indoor or outdoor use. Radiant heaters require no fans or filters, so they operate quietly and circulate fewer allergens and less dust than convection heaters, and are generally odorless.



Pick up and move these portable infrared heaters to any small space that needs additional heat.

For Use Indoor Only

120V AC Cord with Plug



Ideal for environments where frequent repositioning of a heat source is necessary, these heaters come with a built-in frame and wheels to enable quick movement from one location to another.

For Use Indoor/Outdoor

240V AC (Single/Three Phase, Wire Leads)

480V AC (Single/Three Phase, Wire Leads)