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Smoke Emitters for HVAC Systems

Smoke Emitters for HVAC Systems

Generate a dense cloud of smoke with these smoke emitters to analyze airflow and to check for leaks in air ducts and pipes. Suitable for use in ductwork, exhaust ventilation systems, chimneys, and other applications where determining airflow is critical.

Smoke Machines

Force streams of smoke into supply pipes to help identify and remedy leaks using these smoke machines. They have a blower that can push high volumes of smoke through large ductwork to pinpoint even small leaks. Smoke cartridges can be replaced during operation for continuous testing.

Smoke Emitters

Produce a visual display of airflow with these smoke emitters for detecting leaks in HVAC systems. They are typically used in smaller, more confined spaces than a smoke machine, but are quick and easy to light.

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Smoke Candle

Smoke Cartridges

Smoke Matches

Smoke Pellets

Smoke Pens