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Thermocouple Connectors

Thermocouple Connectors

Connect, mount, and extend a thermocouple for more accurate measuring using these connectors, adapters, and wire.


Regulate temperatures by connecting temperature sensors to temperature controllers with one of these connectors.

Panel Female

Thermocouple Female

Thermocouple Male


Use these adapters with a compatible thermocouple to help ensure reliable contact for accurate temperature readings, or for mounting the thermocouple where needed.

Bayonet Adapter

Cable Clamp

Compression Fitting

Flange Mount Adapter

Neoprene Grommet


Maintain or monitor a component's temperature using this flexible wire. Connect the wire between the component and a temperature measuring or monitoring device or a temperature controller. The wire determines the component's temperature and relays the information to the device.

Fiberglass Jacket

PVC Jacket