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Low-Temperature Rubber Pipe & Pipe Fitting Insulation

Low-Temperature Rubber Pipe & Pipe Fitting Insulation

Reduce heat gain, condensation, and frost formation on pipes and fittings used in low temperature applications such as refrigeration, cold water plumbing, and industrial lines. Made of closed-cell foam, this insulation is flexible at extreme low temperatures, helps block out water vapor, and provides some protection against UV radiation, mold, fungus, and bacteria. It can also be used to lessen heat loss from medium hot systems, including hot water plumbing and solar water heating installations. This insulation is also suitable for underground applications above the water table.

For Pipe

Fit these long, tubular insulators over your pipe. Choose from unslit tubes, which can be slid over pipe prior to system installation, or preslit tubes for easy installation on existing systems. For underground use, enclose insulation in conduit or choose insulation one size thicker than needed above ground to make up for compaction.


Pre-Slit & Self-Sealing

For Pipe Fittings

Made to fit over pipe fittings, these prefabricated insulation fittings are designed for easy installation.