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Air Freshener Dispensers

Air Freshener Dispensers

Place these dispensers in confined spaces with high traffic flow, such as bathrooms and locker rooms, and insert a compatible air freshener into the dispenser to release odor-neutralizing scents at timed intervals or continuously.

For Aerosol Fresheners

Keep these dispensers filled with compatible aerosol air fresheners to automatically emit a freshening mist at set intervals.

Gamut Approved

Rubbermaid Microburst 3000

Rubbermaid SeBreeze with Fan Flow

TimeMist Classic

TimeMist Micro

TimeMist Settings

For Oil Fresheners

Use these misters with oil-based air fresheners to dispense a freshening waft of oil at regular intervals.

Rubbermaid TCell

Rubbermaid TCell Heavy Duty

Rubbermaid TCell 2.0 with Fan Flow


For Gel Fresheners

Put gel air fresheners in these dispensers to continuously emit a freshening scent.

Rubbermaid SeBreeze with Fan Flow

TimeMist with Fan Flow

For Solid Fresheners

Insert mess-free solid fresheners in these dispensers to absorb and neutralize odors while continuously releasing a fresh scent.

Gamut Approved

Gamut Approved with Fan Flow