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Corn Brooms

Corn Brooms

Sturdy, long-bristled corn brooms pick up everything from fine dirt to heavy debris from a range of surfaces. Good for everyday sweeping.

Standard Upright Brooms

Standard Upright Brooms

These full-size corn brooms have a long handle so you can stand upright while sweeping.

100% Corn Fiber Bristles with Wood Handle

Corn Fiber Blend Bristles with Wood Handle

Mixed Corn Bristles with Wood Handle

Palmyra Bristles with Wood Handle

Handheld Whisk Brooms

Handheld Whisk Brooms

Use small handheld whisk brooms to sweep debris out of corners and tight spaces and into your dustpan.

100% Corn Fiber Bristles

Corn Fiber Bristles

Mixed Corn Bristles