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Decorative Outdoor Trash Containers

Decorative Outdoor Trash Containers

Built for outdoor use, these trash containers can withstand moisture, cold, heat, and sun. Their decorative design provides a professional appearance to outdoor areas of your facility.

Style A

Keep sidewalks and other public areas clear of trash with these containers. They have one or more openings for quickly depositing trash.

Open Top


Plastic with Stone Panels

Canopy Top


Plastic with Stone Panels

Steel with Stone Panels

Style B

These durable containers have a tapered shape and feature a covered top that keeps out rain and snow and a weighted base that helps prevent the container from tipping over.

Canopy Top

Hinged Top

Style C

Push open the swing doors at the top of these trash containers to deposit trash into the container. Once the trash is in, the doors swing closed to keep odors in and pests out. The container's side door allows for quick servicing without having to lift the can out of the container, and the door locks to prevent tampering with the trash inside the container. A slide-out bag holder makes replacing trash bags a breeze.

Style D

Featuring side panels to display messages or advertising, these containers are a good choice for public areas. They have a funnel-top opening that channels trash into the container and include a rigid plastic liner that stops leaks from reaching the container.

Style E

Ideal for high-traffic areas, these containers are made from perforated metal for a modern look. They have open tops for quick trash disposal and retainer bands to securely hold liners.

Style F

Deter theft and vandalism with these trash containers, which come with cables for securing the lid to the base. They have slatted steel bars on the sides and one an opening at the top for quick trash disposal.

Style G

Shield trash from the elements with these mesh containers, which have a contemporary look. Their canopy tops keep out rain and snow, and they have side openings for quickly tossing trash into the can. Adjustable leg levelers provide stability on uneven surfaces.

Style H

Designed to withstand frequent, heavy use, these sturdy mesh containers are a good for trash collection on sidewalks, beaches, and other high-traffic areas. They have an open top for quick trash disposal. When not in use, nest them together for easy storage.