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Electric Hand Dryer Parts & Accessories

Electric Hand Dryer Parts & Accessories

Add an air filter or a noise-reducing nozzle to your electric hand dryer, retrofit wall recesses to accommodate hand dryers, install wall guards to prevent moisture damage to restroom walls beneath dryers, and more with these parts and accessories.

Wall Guards

Install wall guards below electric hand dryers to cover the wall and protect it from damage due to water droplets that are blown off wet hands.

Wall Retrofit & Recess Kits

Use these kits to retrofit recessed towel dispenser or trash receptacle wall units to accommodate electric hand dryers.

Wall Retrofit Kit

ADA Compliant Wall Recess Kit

ADA Compliant Wall Retrofit Kit

HEPA Filter Retrofit Kits

Add HEPA filtration systems to your electric hand dryers to help remove bacteria and particles from the air stream and keep them from contaminating users' hands.

Retrofit Kits

Replacement Filters

Noise Reducing Nozzles

Install these nozzles on your hand dryers to reduce the noise of the air stream when users are drying their hands.