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Floor Pads & Bonnets

Floor Pads & Bonnets

Equip your floor machine with these pads or bonnets to clean, polish, and refurbish floors and carpets. Pads are typically used on hard surfaces, and bonnets are recommended for carpets and coated wood floors. For best results, replace pads and bonnets when they become worn.

For Stripping

Prepare flooring for refinishing by stripping topcoats and sealers from the surface with these abrasive grit pads and bonnets.

Black — For Wet Use

Brown — For Wet or Dry Use

Maroon — For Wet or Dry Use

For Scrubbing

Remove heavy soils, ground-in dirt, and scuff marks from flooring with these aggressive scrubbing pads and bonnets. They can be used with water or spray cleaners to leave floor surfaces clean.



For Buffing

Restore the shine of flooring and remove scuff marks with these buffing pads and bonnets. They can be used wet or dry.

Red — For Wet or Dry Use

White — For Wet or Dry Use

Pink — For Dry Use

For Polishing

Leave a high-gloss finish on flooring with these polishing pads and bonnets.


Light Blue




For Sanding

Prepare wood floors for staining and refinishing with these sanding pads. They aggressively and effectively remove topcoats, sealers, and staining from flooring.

For Carpet Cleaning

Freshen up carpeting between deep cleanings with these carpet cleaning bonnets. They clean the face fibers of carpeting to help prolong its life and improve its appearance.


Low Profile

Low Profile with Scrubbing Strips


Pad Holders

Also known as pad drivers, these pad holders secure pads to a floor machine so they stay in place during operation.

Pad Holders

Short Trim Pad Holders

Long Trim Pad Holders