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Handles for Wet Mops

Handles for Wet Mops

Match one of these handles to a mop head to replace a worn handle or put together your own mop.

Standard T-Bar

Slide the mop's headband through the T-bar and tighten the thumb wheel to clamp it in place. Also known as side gate handles.

Hinged T-Bar

Swing open the T-bar to quickly install or remove the mop head. Tighten the thumb wheel to clamp the mop's headband in place. Also known as hinged side gate handles.


The jaws of these frames grip the mop's headband for a secure hold.


The clamp head opens wide to accommodate thick headbands and springs closed for a tight grip.

Screw On

Screw these female-threaded handles onto male-threaded mop heads for secure attachment.