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Plastic Recycling Containers

Plastic Recycling Containers

Resistant to cracking, fading, and denting, these plastic recycling bins are typically more resilient than metal containers. They won't corrode like metal and are generally lighter, making them easier to handle and relocate.

Style A

Place these small recycling bins beside traditional wastebaskets to make it easy to separate recycling from trash at your work station.

Style B

These containers have a slim profile that can fit in tight spaces, such as under a work table.

Style C

Use these large-capacity containers in areas where a high volume of recyclables will be collected, such as near copiers and printers and in mailrooms.

Style D

Also known as recycling saddles, these side bins attach to either recycling or trash containers to make it easy to separate trash and recyclables prior to disposal.

Style E

Designed for easy removal of recyclables, these slim containers have venting channels that reduce friction when a full bag is removed from the container. Molded handles and base grips for optimal control when lifting and emptying the container.

Style F

Ideal for high-volume recycling, these large containers have built-in handles for lifting the container and a reinforced base that provides stability and resists damage from dragging.

Style G

Easily transport recyclables with these large-capacity rolling containers. Also referred to as rollout containers, these bins have durable wheels and a hinged lid that stays up when open and keeps recyclables protected when closed. A long handle helps make it easier to move full containers.