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For Machine Size
Bristle Material
Rotary Brushes

Rotary Brushes

Equip your floor machine with these durable brushes to power away dirt and soils on flooring. They typically last longer and clean more aggressively than floor pads.

For Scrubbing

Get rid of heavy soils, ground-in dirt, and scuff marks from flooring with these scrubbing brushes.

Nylon for General Scrubbing

Polypropylene for General Scrubbing

Polypropylene/Nylon Blend for General Scrubbing

Nylon with Silicon Carbide Abrasive for Light Scrubbing

Nylon with Silicon Carbide Abrasive for Medium Scrubbing

For Stripping

Ready your flooring for refinishing by stripping topcoats and sealers from the surface with these stripping brushes. They are impregnated with abrasive grit for maximum stripping power.

For Stripping

For Heavy Duty Stripping

For Carpet Cleaning

Scrub carpeting with these carpet cleaning brushes. As they rotate, these brushes dislodge dirt from carpet fibers so your machine can extract it, leaving carpeting clean.