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Wall Mount Cigarette Disposal Receptacles

Wall Mount Cigarette Disposal Receptacles

Attach these ash receptacles to a wall in an outdoor area of your facility to give smokers a place to dispose of their cigarette ashes and butts.

Style A

Contain cigarette ashes and put out butts with these receptacles, which have four disposal openings and a snuff screen that helps minimize smoldering.

Style B

Quickly snuff out and dispose of cigarette butts with these mailbox-shaped receptacles. They have two disposal openings, a snuff screen to minimize smoldering, a steel liner, and a locking cover that deters tampering.

Style C

Help keep outdoor areas free from cigarette butts with these receptacles. They have a domed top to keep out rain and snow and a 360° opening that allows quick disposal of cigarette butts from all sides. A snuff plate helps minimize smoldering, and the integrated padlock deters tampering. Unscrew the base for easy disposal of waste.

Style D

Snuff out cigarettes in the top tray of these receptacles, and then push the button to quickly empty cigarette waste from the top tray into the removable lower bowl.