Window Washers

Window Washers

Scrub grimy windows quickly with these window washers. Choose ready-to-use kits or combination window-washer-and-squeegee tools or combine T-bars and sleeves to create a window washer.

Window Washer Kits

These kits include a window washer and other useful tools for taking care of your window cleaning jobs.

Window Washer Sleeves

Slip one of these cloth sleeves onto a T-bar to provide a soft, absorbent cleaning head for applying and removing cleaning solutions when washing your windows.

Synthetic Fabric

Heavy Duty Synthetic Fabric


Window Washer T-Bars

Pair a T-bar with a window washer sleeve to create a window washing tool. To extend your reach when using the tool, add a compatible pole.


T-Bars with Synthetic Fabric Window Washer Sleeve

T-Bars with Heavy Duty Synthetic Fabric Window Washer Sleeve

T-Bars with Microfiber Window Washer Sleeve

Swiveling T-Bars

Combination Window Washers & Squeegees

Often found at gas stations, these tools have a sponge on one side for scrubbing the window with water or cleaning solution and a squeegee on the other side for wiping it off.

Combination Window Sponge/Squeegee Head

Rubber Blade

Combination Window Sponge/Squeegee

Rubber Blade with Plastic Handle

Rubber Blade with Wood Handle

Rubber Blade with Telescoping Aluminum Handle