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Bench Protectors & Liners

Bench Protectors & Liners

Help prevent damage to lab surfaces, glassware, and equipment with these bench protectors and liners.


Protect lab surfaces from hot items, corrosive materials, spills, moisture, and equipment vibration with these bench liners. They also provide some cushioning for glassware.

Non-Slip Matting

The textured surface of these non-slip mats helps keep labware stable on the bench or countertop so it doesn't break or spill its contents.

Absorbent Pads

These absorbent pads keep spills contained and have an impervious bottom layer that prevents spilled liquids from leaking onto your bench or countertop.

High-Temperature Bench Protector

Place bench protectors on your work surface so you can set down heated labware without damaging the surface. Bench protectors have feet that prevent crucibles and other hot items from touching the counter or bench top.