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Lab Heating Tape

Lab Heating Tape

Heat tubing, pipe, or and vessels to high temperatures with this tape. It has a flat cross section that transfers heat more efficiently, but must be precisely wrapped so that every part of the tape is in contact with the surface to prevent damage to the tape from overheating. A temperature controller is required.

Without Controller

Choose from a variety of lengths, sheath materials, and maximum operating temperatures. A temperature controller is required.

Silicone Rubber Sheath

Fiberglass Sheath

With Adjustable Thermostat

Control tape temperature with a dial.

Silicone Rubber Sheath

With Time Percentage Dial Control

A controller allows you to set the percentage of time the heater is on/off to regulate the temperature. Because the controller doesn't have a temperature sensor, tape should be monitored occasionally.

Silicone Rubber Sheath