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Lab Plugs & Stoppers

Lab Plugs & Stoppers

Insert plugs into bottles, test tubes, and flasks to protect their contents and prevent spills.

Tapered Stoppers

The tapered shape of these stoppers eases insertion and removal, and they're made from a flexible material that compresses against the opening for a tight seal.



Reversible Cap Plugs

Place these caps into a container's opening to use it as a plug, or turn the cap around so it fits over the opening like a cap. Also known as universal plug caps, they're commonly used for masking applications.

Folding Skirt Stoppers

Fit the bottom portion of these stoppers into a container and fold the top over the outside to create a watertight seal at the opening. You can puncture the upper hollow part of the stopper to extract contents from the container, and the stopper will maintain its seal even after being punctured multiple times.



Injection Stoppers

These stoppers are commonly used to seal vials and tubes when taking samples with a syringe or needle. The stoppers maintain a tight seal to protect the container's contents even after the stopper has been punctured multiple times.

Chlorobutyl Rubber Injection Stoppers

Versilic Silicone Injection Stoppers

Test Tube Plug Caps

Also known as hollow-top plug caps, these plug caps are inserted into the opening of a test tube or similar container to seal it and prevent leaks. They can be easily gripped with fingers or a pair of tweezers.

Test Tube Caps with Flanged Plug

These caps have a flanged plug that is inserted into the opening of a test tube or similar container. The flange presses firmly against the side of the container to provide maximum protection from leaks.

Stopper Assortments

Keep your lab stocked with these assortments, which contain stoppers in a variety of sizes and styles.