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Lab Tubes

Lab Tubes

Cylindrical lab tubes are used to mix, store, heat, and transport chemicals or samples and can be closed with caps or stoppers to contain the contents. They are shaped to allow quick retrieval of samples inside the tube with minimal loss and are sized to fit in storage racks and other lab equipment.

Test Tubes

The standard style, these test tubes have a rounded bottom and are ideal for everyday lab applications. Also known as sample tubes and culture tubes.


Glass With Rim




Centrifuge Tubes

Use these tubes to mix or agitate samples in an incubator, shaker, rocker, or centrifuge. They have smooth inner walls for efficient filling and dispensing and come with a lid that keeps contents inside the tube.

Borosilicate Glass

Polypropylene with Black Polypropylene Lid

Polypropylene with Blue Polyethylene Lid

Polypropylene with Clear Polypropylene Lid

Polypropylene with Green Polyethylene Lid

Polypropylene with Green Polypropylene Lid

Virgin Polypropylene with Blue Virgin Polypropylene Lid

Virgin Polypropylene with Natural/White Virgin Polypropylene Lid

Transport Tubes

Store and transport samples in these tubes. They come with a screw-on lid and are designed to resist leaking even when the tubes are vacuum packed or pressurized.

Polypropylene with Blue HDPE Lid

Polypropylene with Green HDPE Lid

Polypropylene with Natural/White HDPE Lid

Polypropylene with Red HDPE Lid

Polypropylene with Yellow HDPE Lid

Virgin Polypropylene with Blue Plastic Lid

Virgin Polypropylene with White Plastic Lid

Gas Dispersion Tubes

Introduce gas into a liquid using these tubes. They have a porous fritted cylinder at the bottom that ensures maximum contact between the gas and the liquid as the gas bubbles up through the liquid. Gas dispersion tubes can also be used to dry gas streams to remove water and impurities.

Borosilicate Glass