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Labware Caps

Labware Caps

Cap your containers to keep their contents inside and prevent leaks, spills, or evaporation.

Screw-On Caps

Screw these caps onto jars, bottles, and other threaded containers for a tight seal.

Metal Cap

Pulp & Aluminum Foil Liner

Phenolic Cap

PTFE Liner

Polyethylene Cone Liner

Polyethylene Foam Liner

Pulp & Tin Foil Liner

Pulp & Vinyl Liner

Rubber Liner

Polypropylene Cap

Polyethylene Foam Liner

Thermoset Cap

PTFE Liner

Reversible Plug Caps

Insert these caps into a container's opening to use it as a plug, or turn the cap around so it fits over the opening like a cover. Also known as universal plug caps, they're commonly used for masking applications.

Thumb Caps

Push these caps onto the openings of test tubes and similar containers for a leakproof seal.

Test Tube Plug Caps

Also known as hollow-top plug caps, these plug caps are inserted into the opening of a test tube or similar container to seal it and prevent leaks.

Test Tube Caps with Flanged Plug

These caps have a flanged plug that is inserted into the opening of a test tube or similar container. The flange presses firmly against the side of the container to provide maximum protection from leaks.