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Labware Storage & Drying Racks

Labware Storage & Drying Racks

Reduce clutter in your work area and help prevent damage to fragile labware with these racks and stands. They keep labware stable and organized during cleaning, storage, and transportation.

Test Tube Racks & Holders

Use these racks to securely hold test tubes during experiments, cleaning, or storage.

Epoxy-Coated Steel Test Tube Rack

Epoxy-Coated Steel Wire Tube Rack

Fiberglass-Reinforced Polyoxymethylene Tube Rack

Polypropylene Easy-Position Tube Rack

Polypropylene Full-View Tube Rack

Polypropylene Microtube Rack

Polypropylene Secure-Stack Tube Rack

Polypropylene Vial Rack

Steel Test Tube Rack

Steel Wire Tube Rack

Thermometer & Hydrometer Racks

Store thermometers and hydrometers in these racks to keep them upright and avoid mercury separation. The racks have handles for convenient carrying.

Pipette Racks & Stands

Keep pipettes and pipettors upright and organized when not in use with these racks and stands. They help avoid contamination by preventing the items from touching lab surfaces.

Petri Dish Racks

Transport, store, and keep petri dishes organized on these racks for quick dispensing.

Glassware Drying Racks

Air-dry glass labware on these durable racks to help prevent breaking, chipping, and cracking.

Single Sided

Double Sided

Bottle & Vial Racks & Carriers

Load bottles and vials in these racks to keep them from breaking or spilling their contents when they're being moved or stored.