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Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic Stirrers

Gently and thoroughly stir the contents of a laboratory vessel with these magnetic stirrers. Just place the vessel on the magnetic platform and add magnetic stir bars to the vessel. The platform's magnetic field causes the stir bars to move inside the vessel and stir its contents.


Use magnetic attraction to thoroughly stir the contents of your lab vessels.


Aluminum Plate

Ceramic Plate

Polypropylene Plate

Stirrer — 4 Position

Glass-Filled Nylon Plate

Stirrer — 5 Position

Glass-Filled Nylon Plate

Stirrer — 9 Position

Glass-Filled Nylon Plate

Hotplate Stirrer

Ceramic Plate

Hotplate Stirrer — Digital

Ceramic Plate

Stir Bars

Find magnetic stir bars for use with your magnetic stirrers.

For General Stirring

For Viscous Solutions

For High Temperatures

Stir Bar Retrievers

Quickly retrieve magnetic stir bars from your vessels using these tools.