Mortars & Pestles

Mortars & Pestles

Evenly grind and mix lab samples using a mortar and pestle.

Mortar & Pestle Sets

These sets come with a mortar and pestle. The pestle is pressed into the sample to crush it against the mortar, which is shaped like a bowl.

Microcentrifuge Tube Pestles

Insert these pestles in microcentrifuge tubes to mix and homogenize the tubes' contents. Also known as pellet pestles, the pestles can be operated by hand or with a compatible handheld motor. Ideal for re-suspending pellets or disrupting soft tissue in microcentrifuge tubes, they can be sterilized in an autoclave between uses.



Motors for Microcentrifuge Tube Pestles

Attach compatible microcentrifuge pestles to these battery-operated, handheld motors for vigorous mixing and to boost efficiency in repetitive mixing tasks.