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Also known as pipets or droppers, pipettes are tubes used to collect measured amounts of liquid so you can store, transport, or dispense it in laboratory tasks.


These volumetric pipettes, also called bulb pipettes, are precisely calibrated to transfer a single specific volume of liquid with very high accuracy. They require a pipette filler or controller to draw liquids into the tube.


Use serological pipettes to draw or dispense any amount of liquid within the pipette's range. Ascending and descending graduated markings on the pipette's tube let you quickly see how much liquid is being drawn into or dispensed from the pipette. Serological pipettes require a pipette filler or controller to draw liquids into the tube.

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Disposable transfer pipettes are ideal for quickly transferring and dispensing measured amounts of liquid in applications where a high degree of accuracy is not required. They have an integrated bulb for drawing liquids into the pipette.

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