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Specimen Containers

Specimen Containers

Collect, store, and transport liquid samples for testing in these specimen containers. Also known as collection cups, they have a wide mouth for easy filling and a lid that helps protect the contents from spilling or contamination.

With Tamper-Evident Lids

You must break the tabs on the lids of these containers to open them, letting you quickly see if the containers have been opened.

Sterile with Tamper-Evident Seals

Help prevent contamination of lab processes with these containers, which are packed and sealed sterile and have a tamper-evident seal that lets you quickly see if the container has been opened.

With Snap-On Lids

Push down on the lid to seal the container and prevent spills. Pull up on the lid to open it.

With Hinged Lids

Prevent lost lids with these containers, which have a hinged lid that stays attached to the container when opened. The snap-on lid is pushed onto the container to seal it and keep the contents inside. To open the container, just pull up on the lid.

For Pneumatic Tube Systems

These containers are designed to be transported in a pneumatic tube system. They are packed and shipped sterile to help avoid contamination of lab processes and have a tamper-evident seal so you can quickly see if the container has been opened.