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Water Samplers

Water Samplers

Take water samples from sources such as lakes, ponds, wells, manholes, tanks, and drums with these tools so you can analyze the water quality.


Collect water samples from wells and other deep water sources with these bailers. They consist of a long tube with a check valve at the bottom and a handle at the top. When they are lowered into the water, the check valve opens to allow water to enter the sampler. When the sampler is pulled out of the water, the check valve closes to hold the water inside.


Weighted Bailer

Clear Bailer

Clear Weighted Bailer

Jar Samplers

Get more reach when collecting water samples with these jar samplers. They consist of a long pole with a jar at one end. The jar is lowered to the surface of the water to collect the sample, and then the jar is retrieved and capped to hold the sample for testing. The telescoping handle can be extended for more reach, if needed.

Bomb Samplers

Use these samplers for collecting samples from drums, tanks, lakes, and rivers. When they hit the bottom of the water source, they automatically open to collect a sample. They close when withdrawn to hold the sample inside. They can also be opened manually using the plunger release mechanism on top of the sampler.