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Exterior Warning Lights

Exterior Warning Lights

Designed for use on the outside of your car, these warning lights can be installed instead of full-sized emergency light bars or beacons when space isn't available, or used in conjunction with those lights for maximum visibility. They are commonly mounted on the front of the side view mirrors or on the grill of the vehicle.

Permanent Mount

Mount these lights permanently to the outside of your vehicle for warning and emergency lighting.

Rectangle Housing

Round Housing


With diameters under 2", these miniature lights are less conspicuous than other exterior warning lights and less likely to get in the way or become damaged. Permanently mount them to your vehicle's exterior.

Round Housing

Removable Magnetic Mount

Add temporary warning lights to your vehicle's exterior when needed and remove them after use with these removable magnetic mount lights. The magnetic bases on these lights allows them to be temporarily attached to the vehicle and easily removed for use on another vehicle.

Round Housing — Yellow Light