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Hands-Free Flashlights

Hands-Free Flashlights

Shine light on your work while keeping both hands free with these portable flashlights. They have a freestanding base or mounting attachment to allow hands-free use. They're a good choice for repair crews, inspectors, emergency personnel, and others who need hands-free, on-the-go lighting.


Also known as right-angle lights, these flashlights aim light straight ahead to keep it focused on your work or to illuminate your path when navigating dimly lit areas. They can be set on flat surfaces for freestanding use or attached to clothing, gear, or nearby surfaces with their built-in clip, magnet, or hook for temporary mounting. They're commonly used by firefighters, first responders, and military personnel.

Clip Mount

Clip & Magnet Mount

Hook & Magnet Mount


Get a steady beam of focused light with these tripod flashlights, which provide a stable base on flat or slightly uneven surfaces. Their legs fold out to provide a tripod base for hands-free use and fold in to form a barrel-style handle for handheld use like a standard flashlight.


Ensure that you'll have light when needed by clipping these flashlights to your pocket, belt, hat brim, or other thin materials and surfaces.

Twist Tie

Wrap these twist-tie flashlights onto pipes, wire shelving, racks, toolbox handles, and other slim posts and poles. They have a curved back to conform to rounded surfaces and strong, flexible rubber ties for a secure hold.